Inflatable Kayaking

Inflatable Kayaking
13 yrs.+
Looking to take on the rapids without a guide? Challenge yourself on the continuous class II+ rapids on the Adventure Channel at Montgomery Whitewater. Try out one of our inflatable kayaks, also called duckies. With no guide on board, you are the captain and will steer your own smaller whitewater craft. Start off in the lower pond where you can practice your strokes and work on keeping the boat straight and maneuvering in the current. When you are ready, paddle over to the conveyor belt and start your journey! After the conveyor drops you off in the upper pond, keep right and paddle to the Adventure channel. The rapids start off relatively calm and pick up speed as you head downstream towards the lower pond and finishes with a bang at the big drop! 

Warning: Continuous class II+ rapids will be encountered. Participants must be at least 13 years old with an adult in their group. The ability to swim is mandatory for this activity as there is no guide in your boat. Comfortable swimming in moving water is highly recommended and encouraged. 
Duckies come in singles or tandems. Adventure Channel Only.
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A helmet, life vest, and paddle are provided on each rafting trip.

Bring a change of clothes. You’ll probably get soaked! Wear a bathing suit and secure footwear. No Crocs allowed. Changing room and lockers provided on site.

Check-in at Base Camp and book your 90-minute rafting time slot. Arrive at the Raft Barn 10 minutes before your scheduled trip time, where you will sit through a quick safety talk and meet your raft guide.